The OGM cycle

On Toodì’s expressive art, the OGM cycle (acronym for Genetically Modified Organisms) constitutes a warning against the indiscriminate use of nature. His natural ears of wheat and his leaves take contrived forms and extreme colours. They are trapped in a wire netting as if to protect the external environment from contamination, thus communicating the need of warding off a world incompatible with life.

Everyday modern technologies carry us away to a place where our senses no longer perceive the subtle boundary between Right and Aberrant.

The initial paroxysmal omnipotence has faded and man must now collect his wits and regain control of his actions thereby enabling the set up of a redefinition process of the natural boundaries of things, in a trip towards authenticity and genuineness of the world that surrounds him.

Why representing OGM?

"[…] While I am painting I like to imagine that, just like me, everyone experiences moments of abstraction, instants of complete detachment from reality, fantasies in which mind transfigures truth.

Often I tried to give a meaning to the many expressions that grip us and condition our perception of the events in a more or less positive way and then I realized that this relates to an intellect necessity of plunging into its moods in order to assimilate and transform feelings into ideas, sometimes pleasant and sometimes extremely negative. I believe that also in this latter case, the exaltation of negativity is nothing but an extreme way to exorcize it or even to keep it way. I do not know whether my ideas about existence and my role in the world are exact or, at least, shareable. I can not even say if what happens around me is reasonable, evolutionary or wrong. My sole certainty is that frantic epochal changes - such as cloning, genetic modification of organisms, the various usages of nuclear energy – concern me and frighten me because of the massive unknown elements they imply.

This explains why, for a long time, I have been treasuring the different scenarios that strike my eyes, thus reproducing them, without judging, in my unique works which become a bridge between the world and me: this is the way I try to reassert myself, respecting and acknowledging the absolute centrality of nature and beleiving that nature can "serve" men without being subjugated thus allowing harmony among human beings. […]"


Enamels mixed tones for an immediate emotion that only color can give

Anatomies and motivations Toodì, with this cycle, wants to provoke strong reactions, indeed, with his works he exasperates human thoughts and behaviours to conduct to deep meditations
Bright Sculptures Brightness are filtered by painted sculputures that, with light are coloured by exclusives shades. Lights directed by the artist, become icons of the life that surrounds us.